About Prop Fox

Prop Fox started as a pun, used to sign off on an invoice for ‘Props & FX’ for a friend. During the COVID 19 lockdown, Tyler turned it from a dream inspired by that joke, into a model making company.
Creative designs, detailed models, and a theme of making the hobby accessible for all, are the principles the company was founded upon.
Tyler wanted to see anyone be able to get into the hobby, experienced model makers and scratch builders, or someone who had never picked up a pencil or brush before.
More about Prop Fox

Since it’s inception in early February 2021, Prop Fox has shipped internationally all over the USA, Canada, Australia and the EU.

We pride ourselves on our unique designs, filled with lots of detail. Each product designed as if it were to go into our own tabletop campaigns, so you can be assured of it’s quality and of the thought that goes into each.

Prop Fox is small scale now, but we do big things, and it means a lot to us that you follow us on our journey. Producing the highest quality designs that uphold our dedication to craftsmanship.

Meet the Makers

In early 2022, Prop Fox moved into it’s first official office.
With faster wifi, dedicated design space, and some much needed upgrades to the laser cutter, the business thrived. Churning out new designs, commissions and larger amount of stock available.

Tyler is the main brains of the operation, designing, plotting, planing, cutting and packaging. Occasionally however, we do hire on contractors to help us process large orders. The new offices have allowed for a seperation between the laser cutter, and the office proper.
(It also means Tyler only has to walk a handful of steps to the kettle for Tea. Tyler loves tea.)

D’Jango was a huge fan of the new office, mostly because if he stops by the window of each of our neighbors units and looks hopeful enough, he gets treats. (His favorite new friend is Sarah, who brings him tennis balls.)

Tyler McKeown



Team Mascot